Information under MSR Clause B.1.11

/Information under MSR Clause B.1.11

Information under Clause B.1.11

S. No. Information Last updated on
a. Details of Dean / Principal and MS  
  Director Principal 02-Dec-2021
  Medical Superintendent 03-May-2023
b. Teaching as well as non-teaching staff  
  Faculty 06-Sep-2023
  Other Staff 14-Jul-2016
c. Details of sanctioned intake capacity of various UG & PG Courses 15-Jul-2023
d. Details of students admitted category wise (UG & PG) in the current and previous year 12-Jan-2023
e. Research Publications by Faculty | Publications till 7th May 2023 07-Jun-2023
f. Details of CME programmes, conferences and academic activity conducted by institution
CME Details of 2019-23
g. Details of awards and achievements  
  Faculty 14-Mar-2019
  Students 14-Mar-2019
h. Details of Affiliated University and its Vice Chancellor & Registrar 03-Aug-2023
i. Results of Examinations 29-Apr-2023
j. Details of Status of recognition of all the courses 15-Jul-2023
k. Details of Clinical Material in the Hospital (Unit Wise – Bed Distribution) 19-Aug-2023

Last updated on 6th September 2023

College and Faculty Information as per MARB

College and Faculty Information uploaded as per Circular dated 13.12.2021 issued by Medical Assessment & Rating Board (MARB) of National Medical Commission (NMC)
1-29 College Information as required by MARB
30 Department wise list of Faculty Members
Annexure-1 (Publications) | Publications till 7th May 2023
Medical Educator Training

Biometric Attendance under MSR Clause B.1.11

Total No. of faculty
HOD & Professor Professor & Addl. Assoc. Professor Asst. Professor Senior Resident Junior Resident Tutor Fellowship Total
20 33 23 39 26 49 20 0 210
Last updated on 1st June 2020 in reference to MCI Ref. No. MCI-7(9)SG/2020/Med./102907 Dated 30.05.2020 and PIMS Ref. No. PIMS/DP/Estt-383/2313 Dated 1/6/2020
Date Faculty Attendance  
01-Sep-2022 View Attendance Thursday
02-Sep-2022 View Attendance Friday
03-Sep-2022 View Attendance Saturday
04-Sep-2022 View Attendance Sunday
05-Sep-2022 View Attendance Monday
06-Sep-2022 View Attendance Tuesday
07-Sep-2022 View Attendance Wednesday
08-Sep-2022 View Attendance Thursday
09-Sep-2022 View Attendance Friday
10-Sep-2022 View Attendance Saturday
11-Sep-2022 View Attendance Sunday
12-Sep-2022 View Attendance Monday
13-Sep-2022 View Attendance Tuesday
14-Sep-2022 View Attendance Wednesday
15-Sep-2022 View Attendance Thursday
16-Sep-2022 View Attendance Friday
17-Sep-2022 View Attendance Saturday
18-Sep-2022 View Attendance Sunday
19-Sep-2022 View Attendance Monday
20-Sep-2022 View Attendance Tuesday
21-Sep-2022 View Attendance Wednesday
22-Sep-2022 View Attendance Thursday
23-Sep-2022 View Attendance Friday
24-Sep-2022 View Attendance Saturday
25-Sep-2022 View Attendance Sunday
26-Sep-2022 To be uploaded Monday
27-Sep-2022 To be uploaded Tuesday
28-Sep-2022 To be uploaded Wednesday
29-Sep-2022 To be uploaded Thursday
30-Sep-2022 To be uploaded Friday
Archived Daily Biometric Records

Information as per NMC Requirement

Information in response to MCI Letter No. MCI-34(41)(Gen.)/2016-Med./134906 received on 18th October 2016

  1. Faculty Details (Faculty & Other Staff >> Faculty)
  2. Teaching Schedule:
  3. Information related to students:
  4. Students Feedback
  5. Clinical Material
  6. Clinical Material including discharges and death for the month of July 2023
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Documents related to permission, recognition and affiliation


Other Information as per MCI Regulations

  1. Details of the members of the Anti Ragging Committee Members with contact details.
  2. Toll free number to report ragging
  3. Details of various committees constituted
  4. Details of Medical Education Unit
  5. MC’s Infrastructure
  6. Citizen Charter

Last updated on 6th September 2023

Information as per OC Directive

MBBS Admissions 2016:
Students admitted based on PMET 2016
Students admitted based on NEET 2016

Information published on 20th September 2016 in continuation to the information published on 10th September 2016 as per OC Directive:Faculty Details (Faculty & Other Staff >> Faculty)
Clinical Material 1st to 15th September 2016 (Hospital >> Clinical Material)
Infrastructure (College >> Infrastructure)
Anti Ragging & Other Guidelines (College >> Anti Ragging & Other Guidelines)

Information published on 10th September 2016 as per OC Directive:

Faculty Details (Faculty & Other Staff >> Faculty)
Clinical Material August 2016 (Hospital >> Clinical Material)
Infrastructure (College >> Infrastructure)
Anti Ragging & Other Guidelines (College >> Anti Ragging & Other Guidelines)

Last Updated on 20th September 2016