Total No. of faculty
HOD & Professor Professor & Addl. Assoc. Professor Asst. Professor Senior Resident Junior Resident Tutor Fellowship Total
20 33 23 39 26 49 20 0 210
Last updated on 1st June 2020 in reference to MCI Ref. No. MCI-7(9)SG/2020/Med./102907 Dated 30.05.2020 and PIMS Ref. No. PIMS/DP/Estt-383/2313 Dated 1/6/2020
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Anaesthesia Dr. Balwinderjit Singh Professor & Head
2 Anaesthesia Dr. Baljit Singh Bajwa Professor
3 Anaesthesia Dr. Asha Anand Professor
4 Anaesthesia Dr. Mukesh Kumar Associate Professor
5 Anaesthesia Dr. Rajvinder Singh Associate Professor
6 Anaesthesia Dr. Jagjiwan Singh Assistant Professor
7 Anaesthesia Dr. Angelina K. Rekhi Assistant Professor
8 Anaesthesia Dr. Akshay Juneja Assistant Professor
9 Anaesthesia Dr. Sameeksha Arora Assistant Professor
10 Anaesthesia Dr. Ashok Sehgal Assistant Professor
11 Anaesthesia Dr. Ravnit Kaur Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Anatomy Dr. Ambica Wadhwa Professor & Head
2 Anatomy Dr. Mamta Sharma Professor
3 Anatomy Dr. Sherry Sharma Professor
4 Anatomy Dr. Jasveen Kaur Associate Professor
5 Anatomy Dr. Kamaljeet Kaur Associate Professor
6 Anatomy Dr. Harpreet Singh Gulati Associate Professor
7 Anatomy Dr. Anureet Senior Resident
8 Anatomy Dr. Ashok Bhatt Tutor
9 Anatomy Dr. Rupinder Tutor
10 Anatomy Dr. Arpit Shukla Tutor
11 Anatomy Ms. Tamanna Sharma Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Biochemistry Dr. Ravjit Kaur Sabharwal Professor & Head
2 Biochemistry Dr. Indira R Samal Professor
3 Biochemistry Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Assistant Professor
4 Biochemistry Dr. Ashu Handa Assistant Professor
5 Biochemistry Dr. Sanvedna Tutor
6 Biochemistry Mr. Mandeep Singh Saini Tutor
7 Biochemistry Ms. Supriya Rana Tutor
8 Biochemistry Ms. Amritpal Kaur Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Community Medicine Dr. Gurprit Singh Nanda Professor & Head
2 Community Medicine Dr. Bhuwan Sharma Professor
3 Community Medicine Dr. Yash Mitra Associate Professor
4 Community Medicine Dr. Anjali Arora Associate Professor
5 Community Medicine Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Associate Professor
6 Community Medicine Dr. Mohit Sharma Associate Professor
7 Community Medicine Dr. Ramnik Ahuja Assistant Professor
8 Community Medicine Ms. Prabhjot Kaur Statistician cum Lecturer
9 Community Medicine Dr. Malkeet Kaur Senior Resident
10 Community Medicine Dr. Vani Chawla Tutor
11 Community Medicine Dr. Eshita Ganger Tutor
12 Community Medicine Dr. Akshay K Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Dentistry Dr. Kavita Jain Professor & Head
2 Dentistry Dr. Harveen Kaur Professor
3 Dentistry Dr. Chintan Narad Associate Professor
4 Dentistry Dr. Suruchi Seth Associate Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 ENT Dr. Harinder Singh Professor
2 ENT Dr. Sagar Chandra Assistant Professor
3 ENT Dr. Pulkit Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Forensic Medicine Dr. Anju Gupta Professor & Head
2 Forensic Medicine Dr. Puneet Khurana Professor
3 Forensic Medicine Dr. Guriqbal Singh Associate Professor
4 Forensic Medicine Dr. Amardeep Singh Tutor
5 Forensic Medicine Dr. Ravneet Kaushik Tutor
6 Forensic Medicine Dr. Harpreet Sekhon Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Medicine Dr. Nirankar Singh Neki Professor & Head
2 Medicine Dr. Kulbir Sharma Professor
3 Medicine Dr. Amarjit Singh Vij Professor
4 Medicine Dr. Kusum Bali Professor
5 Medicine Dr. Gian Chand Professor
6 Medicine Dr. Sandeep Soni Professor
7 Medicine Dr. Bavneet Kaur Associate Professor
8 Medicine Dr. Jaswinder Kaur Associate Professor
9 Medicine Dr. Tarundeep Singh Associate Professor
10 Medicine Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor
11 Medicine Dr. Ankush Bansal Assistant Professor
12 Medicine Dr. Tejinder Kaur Assistant Professor
13 Medicine Dr. Jasleen Kaur Assistant Professor
14 Medicine Dr. Kailash Kapoor Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Microbiology Dr. Shashi Chopra Professor & Head
2 Microbiology Dr. Sheevani Professor
3 Microbiology Dr. Priyanka Khanna Associate Professor
4 Microbiology Dr. Phalguni Malhotra Assistant Professor
5 Microbiology Dr. Ashu Gupta Assistant Professor
6 Microbiology Dr. Kirtika Sharma Senior Resident
7 Microbiology Dr. Tanureet Kaur Senior Resident
8 Microbiology Dr. Shivya Thakur Senior Resident
9 Microbiology Mr. Yadwinder Singh Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Harwinder Kaur Cheema Professor & Head
2 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Shally Magon Professor
3 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Amita Mahajan Professor
4 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Shail Kaur Professor
5 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Harleen Grover Assistant Professor
6 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Saini Assistant Professor
7 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Anita Singh Assistant Professor
8 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Pooja Kiran Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Ophthalmology Dr. Tania Moudgil Professor & Head
2 Ophthalmology Dr. Yashi Bansal Associate Professor
3 Ophthalmology Dr. Barinder Kaur Associate Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Orthopaedics Dr. Harinder Singh Sandhu Professor & Head
2 Orthopaedics Dr. Surinder Singh Ajrawat Associate Professor
3 Orthopaedics Dr. Chetan Goyal Associate Professor
4 Orthopaedics Dr. Kashish Talwar Assistant Professor
5 Orthopaedics Dr. Arshpreet Singh Assistant Professor
6 Orthopaedics Dr. Anupinder Sharma Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Paediatrics Dr. Harmesh Singh Bains Professor & Head
2 Paediatrics Dr. Pushpendra Magon Professor
3 Paediatrics Dr. Jatinder Singh Professor
4 Paediatrics Dr. Pushwinder Kaur Associate Professor
5 Paediatrics Dr. Anuradha Bansal Associate Professor
6 Paediatrics Dr. Balbir Singh Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Pathology Dr. Kanwal Masih Professor & Head
2 Pathology Dr. Vaneeta Bhardwar Professor
3 Pathology Dr. Neha Batra Associate Professor
4 Pathology Dr. Shaffy Thukral Associate Professor
5 Pathology Dr. Maninder Kaur Assistant Professor
6 Pathology Dr. Silky Mahajan Assistant Professor
7 Pathology Dr. Simarpreet Kaur Assistant Professor
8 Pathology Dr. Sukriti Arora Senior Resident
9 Pathology Dr. Trisha Sharma Senior Resident
10 Pathology Dr. Pallak Batalia Senior Resident
11 Pathology Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Senior Resident
12 Pathology Dr. Kulwant Kaur Tutor
13 Pathology Dr. Ashma Gupta Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Pharmacology Dr. Jagminder Kaur Bajaj Professor & Head
2 Pharmacology Dr. Shalini Salwan Professor
3 Pharmacology Dr. Megha Sood Professor
4 Pharmacology Dr. Rakesh Kumar Professor
5 Pharmacology Dr. Baljit Jassal Associate Professor
6 Pharmacology Dr. Nipunjot Garewal Associate Professor
7 Pharmacology Dr. Vaishalee Punj Assistant Professor
8 Pharmacology Dr. Chetna Deonarayan Gupta Senior Resident
9 Pharmacology Dr. Akashdeep Singh Tutor
10 Pharmacology Dr. Yashmeet Singh Rattan Tutor
11 Pharmacology Dr. Gurtanveer Singh Buttar Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Physiology Dr. Rajiv Arora Director Principal / Professor
2 Physiology Dr. Avjot K Miglani Professor & Head
3 Physiology Dr. Harleen Kaur Professor
4 Physiology Dr. Poonam G. Kohli Professor
5 Physiology Dr. Meena Arora Associate Professor
6 Physiology Dr. Raj Kumar Tutor
7 Physiology Dr. Samreen Kaur Baath Tutor
8 Physiology Ms. Amandeep Kaur Tutor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Psychiatry Dr. Himanshu Sareen Professor & Head
2 Psychiatry Dr. Deepali Gul Professor
3 Psychiatry Dr. Rajinder Kumar Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Radiology Dr. Ramesh Chander Professor & Head
2 Radiology Dr. Sunil Seth Professor
3 Radiology Dr. Ramneet Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Skin & VD Dr. Rattan Lal Bassan Associate Professor
2 Skin & VD Dr. Karan Chhabra Assistant Professor
Sr. No Department Name Designation
1 Surgery Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Professor & Head
2 Surgery Dr. Sat Pal Professor
3 Surgery Dr. Manjeet Singh Professor
4 Surgery Dr. Ankur Hastir Associate Professor
5 Surgery Dr. Navneet Kaur Associate Professor
6 Surgery Dr. Sarabjit Singh Associate Professor
7 Surgery Dr. Shagun Sikka Assistant Professor
8 Surgery Dr. Prateek Janagal Assistant Professor
9 Surgery Dr. Anmol Sanjay Chhabra Assistant Professor
10 Surgery Dr. Ripan Miglani Assistant Professor