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PIMS has not just confined itself to its students and patients, but has also broadened its horizons to embrace the society as a whole into its domain. With intent to tap the regions deprived of healthcare facilities and promote health awareness in these regions, PIMS on regular basis organizes outreach programs. The initiatives taken by PIMS in this regard are :

Campaign – Nasha Mukti Abhiyan

A campaign was launched in a joint collaboration by Department of Psychiatry and Department of Community Medicine, PIMS, Jalandhar in 2015 with a mission to curb the acute problem of drug abuse in the villages adopted by PIMS. The targeted group for the campaign was Adolescents and Young Adults (11-35 years) in 15 adopted villages of Jalandhar, Punjab. The campaign focused on :-

To assess the prevalence and pattern of substance abuse

To study the socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge, attitude and practices related to substance abuse

To create awareness about ill effects of substance abuse to the individuals, family and society

To promote community participation in demand reduction for dependence producing substances

Various activities are conducted in under campaign like :-

Arranging awareness lectures in villages on drug abuse issue and its preventive measures

PIMS staff reaches out to the community by visiting the rural areas where drug addicts are identified and counseling sessions are arranged for them

Medical camps are also organized for providing treatment to drug addicts in these areas

In order to bring in the behavioral change and sensitize the public about the issue, nukkad nataks and poster making events are arranged in rural areas

Periodic focused grouped discussions and meetings in the villages are held where IEC material is also distributed for awareness

Medical Camps

To meet the immediate healthcare needs of the marginalized community, PIMS organizes free medical camps in urban slums and rural areas of the region

Customized health camps offering comprehensive medical facilities are also organized across the city

PIMS has also adopted 15 villages in the surrounding area of the city, in which medical camps are organized on regular basis


School and College Visits

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can make a difference”

The rise in morbidity and mortality incidences have raised a question of “How aware and vigilant we actually are ?”

Observing the current declining trend in health awareness, PIMS has taken a special initiative in educating the students of schools and colleges on various health related issues pertaining in the society

Student check-ups and medical lab visits are also organized at PIMS with a purpose to facilitate health and well-being across the future generation of the country

Informative lectures are organized in an endeavor to promote medical education across the youth