The Department of Anatomy features fully equipped gross and fine demonstration rooms along with well stocked Histology and research laboratories. The intricacies of human anatomy are explained through well-preserved specimens, charts, 3-D models and skeletons displayed in the museum. Adequate availability of cadavers is ensured at all times for dissection by the students under expert guidance of faculty to instill comprehensive and practical skills in prospective medical professionals. The department runs a body donation programme to create awareness and sensitize people to donate their bodies to medical science and research voluntarily.

Department of Anesthesia & Intensive Care caters to anesthesia needs of surgical cases posted by various departments like Surgery, Orthopedics, ENT, Eye and Gynae & Obstetrics. The department also manages Intensive Care Unit, PAC clinic and Pain clinic. The department offers its services to emergency cases posted by various departments round the clock. The department also takes active part in conducting research work. Department faculty and residents regularly attend various conferences organized at zonal and national level. It also possesses latest workstations, ventilators and multipara monitors.

The Department of Biochemistry, PIMS consists of an academic section & a central biochemistry laboratory. Academic section is utilized for teaching the MBBS students. Various teaching methods used are didactic lectures, tutorials, seminars & hands on learning. On the other hand, the central biochemistry laboratory works round the clock to analyze various biochemical parameters of OPD, IPD & emergency patients. Besides routine & emergency parameters, immunoassays are also performed for various hormones. The laboratory is equipped with fully automated, semi-automated analyzers & ELISA machine. A well equipped research laboratory is also present in the department. Apart from that, various research projects are being undertaken by the departmental faculty and articles are published in national & international journals.

The Department was established in 2010 with the dual purpose of evolving a feasible pattern of health care delivery to the door steps of rural population and for providing community health orientation to medical students of the institute. It serves a large population through its three rural and one urban Health and Training centers. The service areas are located in Pasla, Kathar, Raipur Rasoolpur and Basti Sheikh. The focus of the service program is family health care, primary medical care, school health including adolescent health and behavior change communication activities for health education. The undergraduate training includes identifying health problems of the community, implementation of various national health programs, policies and primary health care approaches. With an intent to provide easy medical access to the community, the department also runs a preventive health clinic and an immunization clinic. The current projects of the department are “Nashamukti Abhiyan” and “Behavior Change Communication”. Under these projects various campaigns on drug abuse in rural areas of Jalandhar are organized on regular basis.

The Department of Dentistry at PIMS includes subdivisions of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Orthodontics. General Dentistry provides full range of dental services, ranging from preventive care & restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and gum disease. The department strives to serve the society as a whole through regular camps and free medical check-ups. The division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to patients with problems of the mouth, jaw, face & neck region. The conditions treated include odontogenic infections, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, facial trauma, dentofacial deformities, oral cancer, pathological conditions of and/or injuries to the maxillo-mandibular complex, surgical extraction of teeth and placement of Dental Implants. The subdivision of Orthodontics provides services for correction of malaligned teeth & dentofacial orthopedics. The department is equipped with 4 dental Chairs, and minor OT with X ray facilities. The faculty has more than 20 publications in peer reviews journals in various disciplines of Dentistry.

ENT department of PIMS offers distinctive OPD and Indoor facilities. Department has well maintained OPD chambers and attached Minor OT. It is well equipped with ENT instruments in outdoor and latest instruments like Nasal Endoscopes, Operating Microscope, Fiber-optic Esophagoscope and Bronchoscope (rigid and flexible) in main OT. The Department also has a well stocked library with a wide range of standard text books and Reference books related to the subject, in addition to indexed journals. Multiple projects are going on in the space of Endoscopic and Microear surgery. The ENT department runs a Vertigo clinic on its own and Head and Neck Cancer Clinic in conjunction with Department of Dentistry, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Radiation Oncology.

The Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in PIMS has a well equipped museum (103 specimens of various toxicological substances, various types of 105 weapons, 60 dry bones and skeletal specimens, collection of 45 different soft tissue specimens, 56 charts, 18 models and 50 photographs of medico legal importance), a well planned mortuary with cold chamber, departmental library with more than 90 books and audio visual aids in departmental library and demonstration room. The department focuses on educating the future physicians & surgeons about their legal responsibilities and to provide a quality Medico Legal centre to society. The Department also provides its expert opinion for various medico legal cases in PIMS. The departmental faculty has got 14 publications during last 5 years covering variety of themes related to forensic medicine and these findings have contributed to public health specifically to death and injury prevention.

The Department of Surgery at PIMS comprises of a highly experienced, dedicated and disciplined team of surgeons who perform all types of surgical procedures including laparoscopic, endoscopic, urological, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Faculty takes keen interest in academics and research works and has more than 150 publications in national and international journals. The department has organized CMEs at state, national and international level like SAARC, JASICON, Urology update and many more.

The department of Medicine in PIMS comprises of sub-units across various super-specializations such as Oncology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Nephrology. The Nephrology unit functioning with 10 dialysis machines offers haemodialysis at the most affordable rates. Moreover, separate dialysis machines are available for IU patients and patients with Hepatitis B and C. The Cardiology unit is equipped with echocardiography and is managed by a highly qualified team of doctors. The Department is moving towards provision of all Medical super-specialization units in the coming times.

A well equipped and staffed laboratory undertaking all types of bacterial, fungal, and mycobacterial cultures besides routine parasitology and immunology work. The laboratory helps in formulating antimicrobial policy by providing data of isolation, identification and antibiotics sensitivity. The HOD, Microbiology is the chairman of the Hospital Acquired Infection Control Committee and Antimicrobial policy of the institution. The staff contributes in providing technical knowledge in the disposal of Bio Medical Waste Management as well. To keep abreast with the latest in the profession, CMEs are conducted on regular basis. Department also imparts regular training to students of various colleges and universities for MLT, B.Sc and M.Sc Microbiology and extends its help in their projects. Departmental faculty undertakes several departmental research projects on regular basis and publishes professional papers in various national and international journals.

The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology hosts three units. In addition to its Obstetrics and Infertility work, the Department also handles all kinds of Gynaecological disorders including Gynae cancers. Each unit is being headed by a Professor. Apart from providing its services to OPD and inpatients, department conducts conferences for knowledge sharing. The latest CME ‘OBG Update 2015’ brought together galaxy of speakers from reputed institutions to share the recent developments in Obg/Gynae with the audience. Department also conducted a quiz competition under the aegis of Indian Fertility Society on 5 November 2015. The departmental faculty has more than 30 publications in the national and international journals.

The Department of Opthalmology in PIMS offers various services like computerized vision testing, complete eye checkup with latest machine including Slit Lamp, Phoropter, Autorefracto Keratometer, glaucoma testing by Humphrey Perimeter, diagnosing various retinal problems using slit lamp bi microscopy, indirect ophthalmology & fundus fluroescein angiography. The Department’s highly trained staff (Consultants, Optometrist) performs all types of anterior segment surgeries using the latest equipments including Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, DCR , Lid & Cosmetic Surgeries, Phacoemulsification surgery for cataract using Alcon infinity (high end) machine. The department consists of a library with more than 100 books, audio-visual aids with a focus to impart undergraduates with knowledge in ophthalmology by adopting traditional & modern styles of teaching. Department also has multiple publications and faculty has delivered presentations at various Ophthalmological forms likes (NPCB meet, POS etc.).

The department of Orthopedics, PIMS provides primary , secondary and tertiary care to people of Jalandhar and surrounding areas through round the clock emergency services, trauma management, daily outpatient services, periodical health check up camps with special clinics for joint replacement, spine surgery, arthroscopy and pediatrics orthopedics. Through camps and seminars the department is educating the masses about improving bone and joint health and disability prevention. The HOD, Orthopedics has served in various reputed institutes for over 45 years. In orthopedics team comprises of distinguished surgeons and medical teachers.

The department of Pathology, PIMS is committed to serve patients by providing excellent diagnostic services in the field of Histopathology, Cytopathology, special Haematology and Clinical Pathology. All the laboratories are well equipped and our faculty members work in coordination with other departments of the institute to provide best diagnostic results. Teaching and training activities for students are of utmost importance and department conducts regular seminars and tutorials to build student interest and understanding. CMEs are organized for knowledge enhancement and sharing.

The department of Pediatrics in PIMS offers high end Inpatient and Outpatient care supported by various services like anthropometry, nutritional assessment, growth & development assessments of neonates and children. Special clinics are organized including Immunization, well baby clinic, high risk & rehabilitation clinic. In-patient facilities offered by the department include mechanical ventilation, TPN, Phototherapy, exchange transfusion, Radiant warmer, Kangaroo Mother Care & Special care of low Birth weight & preterm babies. Counseling to patients about important pediatric health related issues is also provided. The Department also runs a high end Neonatal ICU.

The Department of Pharmacology in PIMS comprises of well equipped experimental, pharmacy, clinical pharmacology and research lab. All the faculty members have undergone basic medical education training from MCI recognized centers and are contributing significantly to undergraduate teaching and research work. Various methods like seminars, small group teaching, assignments, tutorials, 3D model making competitions and quiz competitions are adopted for facilitating undergraduate students in understanding the subject thoroughly. Computer simulations are used as a replacement for animal experiments as per BFUHS guidelines for undergraduate teaching. A well equipped animal house registered with CPCSEA is maintained by the department. Seminars on research methodology and biostatistics are conducted annually to prepare undergraduate students for this very important but often overlooked area of medical education.

The Department of Pharmacology is actively involved in research activity focusing mainly on topics of utmost clinical relevance in current scenario like Thyroid disorders, Premenstrual syndrome, Pharmacovigilance, Hazards of excessive mobile usage, over the counter drugs and Generic drug usage etc. Faculty members regularly attend CMEs, conferences at regional and national level and have more than 45 publications to their credit. In addition ‘PIMS Chronicle’-a biannual update is being published with cooperation of staff and students of PIMS.

Department of Physiology in PIMS works to provide undergraduate students with sound grounding in the basics of physiology. The curriculum is taught through lectures, seminars, tutorials & small group teaching followed by practical classes where students apply concepts in real time. The students are guided by a team of dedicated faculty with excellent teaching resources. Faculty members adopt both vertical and horizontal integrated teaching methods which facilitates deeper understanding in students about applied physiology. Students have access to well equipped & spacious laboratories of department like:

Hematology laboratory: It consists of microscopes, binocular microscopes, haemocytometers along with other equipment for conducting haematology experiments

Clinical physiology laboratory: It is equipped for examining human subjects, such as ECG, spirometer & perimeters

Research laboratory: It hosts digital spirometer, EMG-NCV, polygraphs and physiographs for recording and studying the physiological activities

Amphibian laboratory: It consists of equipment for conducting heart and Nerve-muscle experiments.

Mammalian laboratory: It provides facilities for experiments on large and small animals however as per new MCI guidelines computer aided learning is used instead of animal experiments

The Department of Psychiatry in PIMS is specialized in providing OPD and Inpatient treatment in various psychiatric and de-addiction disorders through an expert team of Psychiatrists. Besides drug therapy, the department excels in providing various Psychotherapies. The faculty teaches and trains undergraduates in subject of Clinical Psychiatry and also actively imparts mental health information in various schools of Jalandhar and organizes outreach camps covering various topics like Drug De-Addiction, Stress management and Adolescent issues. The department organized care-giver programmes on World Alzheimer’s Day (21st Sept) and World Mental Health Day (10th October).

Apart from academic and clinical services, the department faculty is involved in research work as well. The Faculty is part of national research project ‘An exploratory multi center study to identify phenotypic clusters in OCD’. The department also encourages students to actively participate in research work. MBBS student- Manikinder Singh Sethi, Batch 2011 bagged 1st Prize in paper presentation at International UG Medical Conference- MEDICON, 2015 held in Nagpur for paper titled ‘Study of Psychosexual Disorders on Patients of Opioid Dependence’ (ICMR approved project and published in Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry). The department faculty also organized a symposium ‘The depiction of emotional trauma suffered by the people of Kashmir in Indian Cinema’ at IPS-NZ.

The department of radio diagnosis and imaging is well equipped with state-of-art equipment and is manned by competent radiologists and well trained technologists. The department has 6 X-ray machines including three Fluoroscopy units with image intensifier TV along with computed radiography scanner for digital radiographs. The department also has 6 portable X-ray machines which cater to the patients in emergency ward and different intensive care units in the hospital round the clock. The department has 3 ultrasound machines with Color Doppler facility where all types of ultrasounds, Color Dopplers and guided interventions are performed. The department is equipped with 16 slice multi detector CT scan machine.

Department of Skin & VD at PIMS caters to the patients suffering from all skin diseases, venereal diseases and leprosy. Department also provides counseling to the target population at risk of HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases. Various cosmetology procedures like Chemical Peels, Derma Rollers, Electrocautery and Chemical Cautery, Intralesional Injections for alopecia and keloids are done here. All the procedures are performed by skilled, experienced and professional doctors. Department aims is to provide the best available treatment to patients at affordable cost.

Department of TB & Chest, PIMS serves the patients suffering from all respiratory diseases. Department extends its services in Intensive Care Unit with Non Invasive & Invasive ventilation. It also runs a DOTS Centre as per RNTCP guidelines. Spirometry and Bronchoscopy are done in the department itself. Apart from that, the department faculty holds public awareness talks on various respiratory diseases regularly and organizes health camps for masses. Department consists of team of experienced and dedicated doctors and paramedical staff.