Institutional Research Committee (IRC)

/Institutional Research Committee (IRC)

About the Institutional Research Committee

Institutional Research Committee (IRC) of Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar constituted under the chairmanship of Director Principal ensures high scientific research standards and offers technical guidance and complete critical appraisal to the submitted research proposals.

Institutional Research Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation & Department  
1. Dr. Rajiv Arora Director Principal Chairperson
2. Dr. Sandeep Kaushal Dean Academic, DMC Ludhiana
(Chairman IEC PIMS)
3. Dr. H. K. Cheema Professor & Head, OBG Member Secretary
4. Dr. Ravjit Kaur Sabharwal Professor & Head, Biochemistry Member
5. Dr. Sheevani Professor, Microbiology Member
6. Dr. Pushpendra Magon Professor, Paediatrics Member
7. Dr. Tania Moudgil Professor, Ophthalmology Member
8. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Professor, Pharmacology Member
9. Dr. Mohit Sharma Assistant Professor, Community Medicine Member
10. Mrs. Prabhjot Kaur Statistician Cum Lecturer, Community Medicine Member

SOPs and Annexures

Standard Operative Procedures
Presentation Template
Annexure 1 Initial Review Submission Form for Research Proposal
Annexure 2 Investigators Declaration
Annexure 3 Participant information sheet
Annexure 4 Informed consent
Annexure 5 Format for submission of revised/additional documents, protocols
Annexure 6 Ongoing Approved Research Review Submission Form
Annexure 7 Decision IRC
A hard copy of the research proposal along with all the proformas and written informed consent should be submitted to Member Secretary, IRC along with PDF file at before 30th September 2022.