Medical Negligence & Assault on Doctors

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Keeping in view the rise in incidents of violence against doctors in India and damage to the hospital property, a CME was organized jointly by Department of Medicine and Forensic Medicine, PIMS under the aegis of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (PAFMAT) on 12-May-2018. More than 300 delegates from various Medical Colleges and Institutes attended the CME. A comprehensive platform was provided for sharing of ideas and insightful learning on burning topics like Medical Negligence and various laws related to it, Consent & Medical Practice, Punjab Prevention of Violence against Doctors and Hospital Property Act of 2008, Management of a case of Hospital Brawl, etc. Speaker from Police Academy, Phillaur shared views on the role of Police in handling cases of assault on doctors and criminal liability of doctors in cases of Medical Negligence. The knowledge exchange in this conference was highly enriching experience for the participants and audience.