Bio-Medical Waste Management

/Bio-Medical Waste Management

  Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) strictly adheres to Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) Management Rules 2016, published by Government of India (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change)

 All necessary steps are taken to ensure that BMW is handled without any adverse effect to human health & the environment

 PIMS ensures occupational safety of employee & other health care workers involved in handling of BMW by providing appropriate and adequate Personal Protective Equipments

  PIMS has earmarked a safe, ventilated & secured location within the premises for storage of segregated BMW in prescribed colored bags. This is done in the manner as specified in Schedule I, to ensure that there shall be no secondary handling, pilferage of recyclables or inadvertent scattering or spillage

 Pre-treatment of laboratory waste, microbiological waste, blood samples and blood bags  is done through disinfection on-site in the manner as prescribed by the WHO /NACO guidelines & these are then sent to the common BMW treatment facility for final disposal

  All health care workers/employees have been provided training with respect to BMW management rules

  All health care workers are immunized against diseases including Hepatitis B & Tetanus, in the manner as prescribed in the National Immunization Policy /guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare issued from time to time

 PIMS ensures segregation of liquid chemical/liquid waste at source, its pre-treatment /neutralization & disposal in accordance with the Water (Prevention & control of Pollution) Act, 1974 (6 of 1974)

February 2019

Yellow Category Red Category White Category (Translucent) Blue Category Total Bio-Medical Waste
789kg.06gms 615kg.33gms 21kg.33gms 479kg.26gms 1904kg.98gms