Sham-E-Jashan, A Welcome To MBBS Batch 2015

//Sham-E-Jashan, A Welcome To MBBS Batch 2015

Fresher’s at PIMS is a tradition revered by PIMS students, and following the tradition the students of MBBS batch 2014 organized “Sham-e-Jashan” to welcome the new MBBS batch 2015. The event was glamorized with girls getting traditionally dressed in suits and sarees while boys dressed in formal suits.

The event started off with a lamp lightening ceremony followed by “Walk for All” wherein all the students of 2015 batch walked down the ramp. Mr. & Miss Freshers were crowned. Throughout the contest, the cheers and hooting boosted up the morale of the contestants and gave them the support to perform their best. The event came to an end with students grooving on the beats of DJ.